I’m guessing you’ve arrived here at Duck because you're a web app developer. But, you are more than just a web app developer. You are a creator. And, creators learn by doing, not by reading… I feel you… But, please read everything in the “Getting started” walkthrough below!
Because I’m a creator just like you, I’ve made this stuff as short as I can possibly make it while still being a somewhat smooth read. So, it should only take 10 minutes, or so, to read. And, I assure you, it’s worth it!
Getting started
Read philosophies - 1 minute read
Read core - 8 minute read
Read rules - 1 minute read
Look through Hello, World! - example
Look through Chat App - example
That’s it!
You can now dive straight into developing your first Duck app! You should, and will eventually need to, continue exploring Duck since you know just the basics.A good place to start exploring is recipes to assist you with implementing common features, like CSS and list rendering.
Patterns are also useful suggestions when developing in Duck!
Personally, I'd start with looking at a few patterns.